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About Us


We in TACSFON have a common divine denominator.

On the 25th February, 1978 at the University of Lagos, there was a day solemn assembly of students of The Apostolic Church from institutions of higher learning within the LAWNA Territory. This solemn assembly was preceded by a three-day prayer and fasting from the 20th to 22nd February, 1978. In the presence of Pastor Z.A Alabi, the 1st National General Secretary of TAC, Nigeria and a representative of LAWNA Executive Council, God confirmed the inauguration of TACSFON (The Apostolic Church Students’ Fellowship of Nigeria) through a prophetical ministration given by Elder S.A Olorunleke, an elder from ABU, Zaria who was in the entourage of Pastor Z.A Alabi.

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what we do

Our goals at TACSFON


Let No Man Despise Thy Youth (I Timothy 4:12)


Pursuing of the spiritual growth and welfare of young and adults including students in educational institutions and members in the local assemblies of The Apostolic Church


TACSFON is a loyal, dependable and willing agent of the Glorious Vision of The Apostolic Church, Nigeria.


We strongly believe that this vision and goal are achievable as God’s dealings and success indices over the forty three years of existence have indicated and proved.


Prayer is the key

Our Centers


TACSFON fellowship centers

TACSFON fellowship centers have become training centres over the years where members and non-members of The Apostolic Church have been trained and prepared for future life and services in TAC, other Churches and ministries and in the nation.

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TACSFON has expanded from LAWNA to all the fields of The Apostolic Church in Nigeria;

both at the institutional and assembly levels until recently when directives from NEC of The Apostolic Church, Nigeria forced some of our Church-based fellowships to stop operating within the Church premises.

TACSFON’s sense of globalization of the gospel brought about a robust fraternalisation with APOSA, a sister Christian Youth Fellowship of The Apostolic Church, Ghana and this has allowed vital links with youths of The Apostolic Church in Benin Republic, Ivory Coast, Cameroon and overseas countries.