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Gratitude is the memory of a glad heart.

I am most grateful to God who gave me the inspiration and the strength to source useful materials from our archives and make wide consultations and receive invaluable advice from the founding fathers of TACSFON inside Nigeria and in diaspora for the realization of this publication.

We in TACSFON have a common divine denominator. We are all attached and glued to the Master, Jesus Christ, with divine tenacity which defies ethnic and tribal chauvinism, satanic threats and attacks and even persecution. As our Creator, all history begins in Christ. As the perfect Israelite, He fulfilled the spirit and letter of the law and history of “the chosen people”. As our Judge, all history ends in His courtroom. As our Saviour, all who trust His offer of mercy find fulfillment notin what we have done for God but in what God has done for us in Christ ( I Corinthians 15:10; Colossians 2:8-15).

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Our organization goals


Let No Man Despise Thy Youth (I Timothy 4:12)


Pursuing of the spiritual growth and welfare of young and adults including students in educational institutions and members in the local assemblies of The Apostolic Church


TACSFON is a loyal, dependable and willing agent of the Glorious Vision of The Apostolic Church, Nigeria.


We strongly believe that this vision and goal are achievable as God’s dealings and success indices over the forty three years of existence have indicated and proved.

Our Vision


TACSFON is highly indebted to God for His love, care, providential support and supplies, His full protection of our lives and vision and the expansion of His Kingdom in the world, TAC and our lives

Divine vision is the only thing God backs and finances. Therefore, all TACSFONITES must not only know TACSFON vision but also work it out in their lives and other youths. Helen Keller said, “The greatest tragedy to befall a person is to have sight but lack vision.”

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