2016 TACSFON National Conference

on 01 December 2016 by admin

During the 2015 TACSFON National Conference held at ILESHA, Osun State, the National Co-ordinator Elder Isaac Ameobi announced the South/Eastern Zone as the hosting zone for 2016 Conference. The National Conference shall be held at Community Secondary School Offort, Nung Road (Opp. Champions Brewery) Uyo with its theme "The Faithful Priest" Heb. 1, 2 - 5. The date of the gathering of the eagles shall be from 15th - 21st August 2016. It is expected of all participants to give utmost attention in this clarion call. It is with full assurance of the blessings which God has prepared for the faithful Priest that I welcome you to this 38th Annual National Conference.

The children of God that are faithful in service shall blow trumpet in Southeast for calls of repentance, deliverance, revival unalloyed commitment and service. I encourage you to avail yourself of all the benefits of this conference so that you will leave this ground as a harbinger of revival. There is still more land to be conquered. The Church is yet far from being what the ascended head JESUS CHRIST wants her to be. Brethren, let us not to be carried away by a carnival spirit. We should sit at the feet of the Holy Spirit this one week, get the best of the week and in total surrender allow God the master potter to break and remould us because he is not finished with us yet. You are highly welcome to Uyo 2016.

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