41st Annual National Conference

41st Annual National Conference


Live Broadcast Now Available

Live Broadcast Now Available

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The Apostolic Church Students’ Fellowship of Nigeria (TACSFON) is a Christian organisation with branches in most of the tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

Simply put, Our vision is the pursuing of the spiritual growth and welfare of young and adults including students in educational institutions and members in the local assemblies of The Apostolic Church in order to fulfill the Great Commission to reaching out to youths and adults outside the mother Church.

Note that sincere and serious TACSFONITES are not just visionaries with unachievable but lofty and excellent ideas and plans but they are missionaries, full of serious and intentional commitment and dexterity to fulfill the mandate God gives them and are never deterred by risks, trials and persecutions. TACSFON is a loyal, dependable and willing agent of the Glorious Vision of The Apostolic Church, Nigeria.


There are no upcoming events yet.

Editorial Wings Work Plan

Editorial Wings Work Plan

on 01 December 2016 by admin

- That there should be a quarterly publication of a TACSFON teaching newsletter.

- That the main magazine shall be published once a year, probably during the National Conference

- Marketing distributions are proposed to come from all the zones to aid...

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