On the 25th February, 1978 at the University of Lagos, there was a day solemn assembly of students of The Apostolic Church from institutions of higher learning within the LAWNA Territory. This solemn assembly was preceded by a three-day prayer and fasting from the 20th to 22nd February, 1978. In the presence of Pastor Z.A Alabi, the 1st National General Secretary of TAC, Nigeria and a representative of LAWNA Executive Council, God confirmed the inauguration of TACSFON (The Apostolic Church Students’ Fellowship of Nigeria) through a prophetical ministration given by Elder S.A Olorunleke, an elder from ABU, Zaria who was in the entourage of Pastor Z.A Alabi.

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Longman’s Dictionary of Contemporary English defines a vision as the ability to see and the power of imagination and expression of a picture or an idea seen in the mind and the wisdom in understanding the true meaning of facts. However, spiritual visions are glimpses into the realm of the supernatural; the unveiling of secret matters of divine plan and purposes of a human vessel or a group of people e.g. the vision of Israel’s Nation or that of the Israel of God-the Christian Church as seen in Genesis 3:15; 12: 1-3; 17:19; 22:15-18; Exodus 3: 7-8; 19: 5-6; Isaiah 7: 14; Matthew 1: 21,23; Titus 2: 13-14 and I Peter 2: 8-9 is the vision of God to have His own people that will be a holy nation, a kingdom of royal priests and a special treasure for His glory and praise. This vision conceived before the foundation of the world was revealed to Adam and Eve in Genesis 1: 27-28. This vision was lost by Adam and Eve in Genesis chapter 3 and God revisited it and made it the substance of divine demand on the Church in the wilderness and the Christian Church both in the Old and New Testaments respectively.

Also, a vision is a motto that forms the compass to direct the thoughts and actions of an organization. It is the source of inspiration for daily activities and spirit-led decision making. It is the spiritual password that unlocks a ministry’s life, purposes, existence, destiny and destination. Also, a vision statement determines the momentum and the pace of interpretation for the reason of the vision and becomes very necessary in achieving a ministry’s goals and objectives. Divine vision is the only thing God backs and finances. Therefore, all TACSFONITES must not only know TACSFON vision but also work it out in their lives and other youths. Helen Keller said, “The greatest tragedy to befall a person is to have sight but lack vision.”


TACSFON has expanded from LAWNA to all the fields of The Apostolic Church in Nigeria; both at the institutional and assembly levels until recently when directives from NEC of The Apostolic Church, Nigeria forced some of our Church-based fellowships to stop operating within the Church premises.

TACSFON’s sense of globalization of the gospel brought about a robust fraternalisation with APOSA, a sister Christian Youth Fellowship of The Apostolic Church, Ghana and this has allowed vital links with youths of The Apostolic Church in Benin Republic, Ivory Coast, Cameroon and overseas countries.

TACSFON National has grown from FOUR zones in 1978 (Lagos, Western, Eastern and Northern Zones) to FIVE in April, 1981 and to a total number of SEVEN on 19th August, 2003.

As at December, 2010 TACSFON National had 20 (Twenty) sub-zones and about 180 (One Hundred and Eighty-Two) chapters or fellowship centres in all the states of Nigeria.

Attendance of TACSFONITES in National Conferences rose from 67 at University of Ife (now OAU) in April 11-13, 1980 to about 1,500 at Police College, Akpabuyo, Calabar in August 20-26, 2012.

Establishment of Child Evangelism Unit (CEU) and Children Churches in all fields of The Apostolic Church, Nigeria is advancement on the spiritual welfare of children in the mother Church and the creation of better conducive atmosphere for adult worship services. What TAC, Nigeria had before the advent of TACSFON was Sunday School.

Greater participation and support of TACSFONITES in TAC’s activities, in youth witness, women and men movements’ programmes, in Church Officiating and Committee meetings and in engagement in full-time ministering.

TACSFON fellowship centers have become training centres over the years where members and non-members of The Apostolic Church have been trained and prepared for future life and services in TAC, other Churches and ministries and in the nation.

TACSFON chapters and zones have severally been involved in evangelism and church planting over the years: Lagos, Western and South Eastern Zones. I know individual chapters that are involved in evangelism till today; at least when I was at University of Ife in 1975-1979, we were doing it within and outside Ife and Modakeke townships.

TACSFON fellowships serve as reformative centres to youths who have been rebellious, carnal, uncontrollable, wayward and problematic to their parents at homes and could have been worse on the campuses of institutions of higher learning or in the Nigerian societies.

With God on our side, TACSFON and TACSFONITES are winning. We have gone too far. NO GOING BACK! NEVER!! NEVER!!!


Year of Birth






Fellowship Centres




Other National Officers

Name Designation
Brother Simeon Ojobe Assistant General Secretary
Deaconess Eunice Owolabani Treasurer
Brother Kunle Alao Finance Secretary
Pastor Udochukwu Onwunali Assistant Bible Study Secretary
Elder M. D. Bebeyi Prayer Secretary
Brother Busayo Adeniyi Assistant Prayer Secretary
Sister Bunmi Oludolasi Assistant National Sisters Leader
Deaconess Blessing Don-Okpara Sisters Secretary
Elder Sunny Peter Osong Public Relations Officer
Brother Aniebet Obot Assistant Public Relations Officer
Elder Daniel Jemirin Organizing Secretary
Elder Christopher ThankGod Assistant Organizing Secretary
Sister Tosin Alao Choir Director
Pastor Joseph Owolabi Assistant Choir Director
Pastor Clement Arikpo C.E.U. Coordinator
Sister Dupe Ogundeyi Deputy C.E.U. Coordinator
Deaconess Bunmi Olomolaye Welfare 1 Secretary
Pastor Timothy Akintola Welfare 2 Secretary
Pastor Timothy Adeniyi Deliverance & Counselling Coordinator
Pastor Bassey Isaiah Deputy Deliverance & Counselling Coordinator
Elder Mayowa Banji Missions and Evangelism Coordinator
Elder Sunday Oluwole Technical Director
Brother Tope Ogunleye Deputy Technical Director
Elder Lionel Effiom Editor
Elder Abayomi Babaniyi Alumni Coordinator
Elder Bola Ogunkola Corpers Coordinator
Elder Segun Obafaiye Project Coordinator
Elder Dare Ayo Deputy Project Coordinator

Zonal Coordinators

Name Zone
Elder Segun Savage Lagos Zone
Elder Dr. Johnson Adejuyitan Western Zone
Pastor Edet Essang South Eastern Zone
Elder Peter Arokoyo Northern Zone
Pastor Paul Amachukwu Eastern Zone
Pastor Olamide Eseyin North Eastern Zone
Pastor King Esedo Friday Umossoh Maritime Zone

Ex-Officio Members

Presiding Elder Olu Akinsanya
Deaconess Bisi Olowo
Pastor Bernard Eni
Elder Bode Olomolaye
Professor Andrew Obafemi

TACSFON Advisers

Name Territory/Field
Pastor Dr. M. O. Gbadero LAWNA Territory
Pastor O. N. Arisa Eastern Zone
Pastor U. E. Usen Akwa Ibom Field
Pastor Eta E. Edet Cross River Territory Leader
Pastor M. N. Teeh Maritime Field
Pastor U. S. Udoh Uyo Field